Event Coverage: The 2011 Toronto Honda Indy


2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Toronto Honda Indy and thanks to my friend Steve I got to check out the anniversary festivities on Saturday.

This was the day before the big show but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot taking place on and off the track for us to check out.

Canadian Touring Car Championship cars were all over the place, along with Ferrari Challenge cars, and Izod Indy light cars. Not to mention the booths, tents, and displays from event sponsors.

I also ran into friends (both automotive friends and BMX friends) and took home a lot of free stuff handed out by the various promotional women working the event.

Good times.

Track shots…

… well not quite track shots because we didn’t have corner or pit passes this year (next year I am going to apply for a media pass). Last time I went to the Indy it was a little easier to get track shots without a pass but this year it required shooting through two fences or scaling a grand stand full of Budweiser fueled soon to be sun stroke riddled fans.

I did what I could though.

Izod Indy light car getting towed off the course after their runs for the day
If you like Dr. Pepper check out the Toronto Indy, they hand it out about every five steps
What you don't know about this photo is that I am standing on a trash can
The number #56 car broke first lap and was stuck there for as long as we stuck around
The amount of money I saw in wheels and tires during the whole weekend was insane
Canadian Tire Nascar series car waiting for their turn on the track

Ferrari Challenge Cars

I will admit I am getting a little numb to street trim Ferraris because I see them fairly often in the area I work parked on the street in front of boutique stores or stuck in traffic.

However at the Indy I was a little more receptive of them because the challenge cars are quite frankly awesome and actually get driven and the street cars at the show are typically well done and presumably owned by real enthusiasts.

Nice looking OZ wheels, cars not bad either
This car looks much more attractive than any parked in Yorkdale could ever hope to look
Why tuck tire? Because race car.
Love the battle scars hidden by a bit of duct tape
This guy working away while someone supervises, two people watch from a comfy couch and a goof takes photos

Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship

While I don’t watch a lot of racing by any means outside of rally racing touring car racing has always been my favorite kind to watch because the cars remain recognizable to what you would see on the street.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any of these cars on the track while we were there but I did catch a few getting ready for the race later.

Local BMW tuning shop RMP had their cars out
Rocco and the crew at RMP are behind some of the faster BMWs in the area
8 Legs Racing is another familiar name from the maxbimmer.com forums
Rock Star TC on STD suspension
One of a couple Fast Wheels sponsored Pontiacs
I thought I was going to miss getting shots of this Subaru but luckily it stopped right in front of us
Now I'm wishing we stuck around to see these run...
I caught a glimpse of this mini out of the corner of my eye so we followed it until I was able to snap some photos

Midway and other attractions

As I mentioned in the intro there is a lot of different things you can to get up to at the Toronto Indy event outside of just watching cars rip around the track.

The Import Expo NSX is sure making it's rounds
While I have seen the Import Expo NSX above several times this is the first time I had seen this duo
Sun girl in the sun
Players Honda in the Honda tent
Honda's potent v10
How someone in Ontario managed to keep this first gen Honda around this long is a mystery to me
This matte white wrapped Accord looked pretty good on those Enkeis
Nextmod's lineup of Civcs
I suppose it's been the appropriate amount of days since I last shot this car


I’ll end this coverage with shots of friends of mine riding kids bikes for Jagger Co. It’s been awhile since I’ve shot any BMX so I was pretty happy to have the opportunity.

More car shows need BMX demos.

Ollie with a picture perfect tuck no
Ollie with a loafty 3
I used to ride with Steve Moxley on the regular at the Warehouse... RIP that place 🙁
Steve sending a 3 whip
Turndowns are hard, Andre seems to have a good handle on them though
Will's got a new edit from Austin TX google Will Fisher Austin Texas and it will pop up
John Heaton is a legend and super nice guy
Lol check out that girls reaction in the background
Look ma...

After the Indy we came home for a bit, relaxed, had a bbq, then headed over to a Street Classics Cruise In with an incredible turnout. Photos from that should be up Thursday.


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