Theme Tuesdays: Subaru Legacys


When it comes to low Subaru’s I feel that Impreza (wrx/sti) steal the spotlight quite a bit, which isn’t really a bad thing because a lot of them are well done, however most of Subaru’s models are capable of looking great with a drop and the right set of wheels ( actually plenty look good lifted with meaty tires as well but that would be for a different themed site).

I’ve had a couple of these Legacys kicking around for awhile and last night I decided to gather a few more so that I could post them all up at once.

This has been parked on my hard drive for quite some time
Found this one on WFC looks classy as hell
Don't see many of this generation around anymore, two tone is love or hate but the drop is good
Found this on A Class, I need more info on it, is it done?
Function is equal to form in this case
Fairly sure this Legacy was featured on Hella Flush awhile back
Very aggressive wagon
This is G.
I'ts JDM Yo
Local car, on rare Work Carving/ Head 40s
Those kind of look like AC Schnitzer type 17 wheels... must investigate
could be wrong but I think this one is on air ride
This one I know is bagged
Can't forget Gillbert!
and if I didn't end this with Logan I am sure some of you would be mad

Forresters eventually.


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