WTF Friday: Domestic Sandwhich


I’ve seen wild front end conversions, wild rear conversions, and entire body swaps but this… this is a little weird.

The front of this car from a fifth generation Mustang, while the rear is from a C5 Corvette, & sandwiched between the two is the orignal car with is a fourth generation Mustang.

I guess the owner likes Ford and Chevy but didn’t like the Ford he originally started with?

Surprisingly everything seems to line up pretty well and the all the panel gaps look consistent.

It would be weird to see a Mustang coming up in your review and then getting passed by a ‘Corvette’ though.

Site Updates

Two shows this weekend both on Saturday and I should be at both because they are less than an hour driving time for me total which I like.

No free food that I know of though…

I’ve also got some feature content, and some photo shoot out-takes that might make their way up next week as well.

Flashback Friday

Here’s a look back to last years True Playaz show Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’ 5

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