WTF Friday: Are you for serious?


I’ve seen and (and normally posted) quite a few crazy builds so I am getting pretty a custom to bizarre combinations of car and motor but this particular one caught me wayyyy off guard.

Fabrication aside the owner/builder deserves a round of applause for just getting through the amount of hate that comes along with telling people you are going to dress a 97 Mustang Cobra in 94 Acura clothes.

Admittedly I skimmed the 46 page build thread pretty quickly last night (I went back this morning to read in greater detail and I am currently on page 22)  but not fast enough to the point where I didn’t see the owner field every question and negative criticism with a level head. More people need to take criticism on the internet as well as this guy.

Surprisingly the wheel base of the Cobra and the wheelbase of an Integra are not all that far apart so his plan of attack was fairly straight forward, he cut off the ‘Stang from about the rockers up and did the same to the Integra.  With a little bit of American voodoo, a welder, some determination (and no doubt a BFH) he made it all work.

A few interesting build photos and the first run video below:

The car right before it's cover photo shoot
The car pre swap sitting on Mustang wheels which I didn't know fit on 5 lug swapped Integras
Acura parts put on the mustang to get a general idea of how things will line up
Mustang bottom half made ready
Point of no return
The Integra 'shell' was braced for the swap
Just might be onto something...
The moment of truth
Like I said in the intro very similar wheel base sizes
About midway through the thread the owner dropped this photo of the car in a way earlier state with a rare Zeal bumper
Motor looks right at home... or frame looks right at home? I don't even know
Finished at a show (widebody fenders made it to the front)
The Integra interior is the one that ended up in there
The front track looks pretty normal but the rear gives things away a tad.

Thanks to JDMRides I was alreted to this video

If you want to see how the entire thing went down you have two options, one the thread I found it in or the cars facebook page.

Site Updates

Made a few tweaks to the over all layout until I figure out what I want to do in terms of design for the site last weekend, or I might just make my way through the mountain of photos from readers that have been sent in 🙂

Thanks for all the contributions.

Also got confirmation on incoming info regarding a feature I’ve been waiting on.

Flashback Friday

Someone on the fan page mentioned that yesterdays 911 didn’t have much to do with stance. Long time readers will note that I’ve always been pretty loose with the stance definition though as is evident by the fact I posted this in 09.

Seen a couple more pictures of this car but this is still my favorite. was just way to long of a url 😛

I’m going to see if I can find some time today to finish that acurastang build thread…


  1. WoW !! i guess in hindsight there is 40 different ways to do this swap in an “easier” way , but there is , as they say , “more than one way to skin a cat”, Kudos indeed!!

  2. Motorfix did this to a corolla wagon KE70 and welded the KE70 sedan floor in to get the more favorable (not leaf) rear suspension. seems alot simpler than this but both builds still preety epic!!

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