Event Coverage: Wickedest Slam 1.0


KJohn Car Innovations has been cranking out pretty low and loud cars from the Brampton area for a few years now -most notably their Accord Wagon and SRT-4– and this Saturday they had their first show, the ‘Wickedest Slam 1.0’.

Since Brampton isn’t all that far from me I decided to swing by after Candy and Chrome and check it out.

Being in the middle of a field once this show got dark it got, DARK so I wasn’t able to cover the entire show but I made sure to capture most of the more appealing or interesting cars that were in attendance.


Can’t say I see a lot of Calibre SRT’s modified
Took a peek inside of this and, from what I remember 5 T2500 Fosgate Amps. one Lanzar Amp, one Sony crossover, and about 6 batteries all wired with 0 gauge….loud
Lifted 4wd s10, very clean


This Accord was in the sound off, it was really loud and the roof vibrated like crazy
Clean DA
Another clean ac
I think later in the evening this Supra was shooting flames
The kit on the Protege was one I had never seen before and a heck of a lot of pieces
Myself and Chris
Closer look at Chris’ car, big changes coming in time for Importfest
Not sure what happened to the old airbrushed hood
Very clean Subaru, aside from the bike rack
Function on the left, form on the right
Very nice to see a fitted fifth generation Prelude locally
Surprised I’ve never seen it before actually…

Datsun 620

First time I have ever seen one of these in person, the owner says it was originally a Cali truck (not surprised based on how clean it is) and he’s only had it here for a short while. Infinite potential here.

Paint was in great shape
Different set of wheels (thinking dark bronze) and that’s all it needs exterior wise
Inside as clean as the outside
Possibilities are limitless


I didn’t shoot the whole limbo contest just the more interesting vehicles,  none of these cars actually ended up winning and s2000 took it due to it’s low ‘roof’ line.

KJOHN Accord going through
The SRT-4 trying to take it home
SK said he wasn’t going to enter but decided to try his luck

The Lincoln

To me this Lincoln is perfect, It’s perfect because the owner doesn’t need to do a thing more to it.

It’s a timeless look, 5 years ago this car would have turned heads and 5 years from now it will still turn heads.

Straight G
All of the chrome was in great shape, worked with with the Torque Thrusts
Setup this shot with the mini tripod and telephoto


  1. thats datsun is super nice , excpet for the race buckets boooo, hope the owner appreciates it for what it is , and a limbo in the grass??????????????????????? good coverage , kudos for your time and effort to make it to all these shows !!

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