WTF Fridays: Front end swapping maddness!


Earlier this week I thought I had the perfect WTF Friday planned, but the problem was I saw the car I wanted to post on Monday and I knew there was no way it wouldn’t get posted up on Jalopnik before Friday. As it turns out I was right the Dragon Corvette has already come and gone from the front page of Jalopnik.

No worry though I think this back up WTF Friday filled with crazy front end swaps is just as good (or is it bad?).

Front end swaps are a tricky bird, in some cases they look great (sil80s) but in a lot of cases they look like (to quote a comment I saw NWP4Life) “an asshole full of dicks”.

MK5 front end meets MK3 Jetta, I saw a white version of this that looked alright
Isuzu meets Nissan of some sort?
Somewhere a 5 series is missing its face
Hummer H2 meets fullsize Chevy
Acura front ends should stay on Acuras
Craftsmanship is great but long front end is long.

Site Updates

The biggest thing this week is obviously the addition of official Stance Is Everything Store, but that aside I’ve been contacted by a local show to come out and cover it, as well as contribute some prizing for the lowest car trophey.

Part Two of Spring is in the air is nearly completely written and will be posted next Thursday, these posts have been a blast and hopefully I can do new stuff with other bloggers soon. I’ve also got a neat over seas feature for Monday.  April looks great so far!

Flashback Friday

Wasn’t really sure what to Flashback to today so why not some event coverage from 2009s Sixth Annual Honda Tech meet at Downsview park in Toronto? This was a fun free meet and the weather was great so if you missed the coverage or missed going here it is!

P-Dizzles sick civic

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone!


  1. Hey Rob, that van is actually really dope I have seen it before and just kind of forgot about it.

    I went for shock value with this post lol.

  2. The Beemer Oddsey is really kickass!

    The “huh” is a Del Sol with a R34 GT-T front, completely tasteless xD

  3. The S10 with BMW front end is from Michigan. I saw it in the lot of an autocross I drove in on May 9th. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it appeared to be extremely well done, it had the entire air system concealed under a raised bed. Here’s a pic I took.

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