Guest Coverage: Dropsicles Sideshow 2012


Mike McConnell is an awesome event photographer, like myself he is the kind of guy who will do multiple passes of a show to make sure nothing gets missed and he isn’t against revisiting the same car a few times in order capture those fine details.

His latest contribution is from theDropsicles Sideshow held in Lethbridge Alberta and while I had never heard of it before these photos have made it a show I am going to keep an eye on. Great variety and quality.

Maybe there is something to that cross Canada road trip Lyndsey wants to do after all…


Judging from the photos it seems like Sideshow was more of a truck thing but the cars were pretty sick as well.

Insane airbrush work
I find I don’t see these nearly enough
It wouldn’t be a set of photos from Mike without a classic Bug
Pair of Caddy’s
Love the vitnage pinstriping
BMW wheels continue to make their rounds in the Japanese market
Proper looking Soarer
Did you know there is a fanpage dedicated to the hatred of SRT-4s? A bit much. I don’t mind them really.
One of the best application of these wheels I have seen
They suit this car very well
Big Caddys dropped are perfect
Another Caddy about tucking lug
Huge wires are huge
Awesome street rod
Just.. incredible
Riviera if I am not mistaken?
Another look at it


I was previously unaware of the Alberta truck scene, looks pretty serious.

I was in one of these karts on the weekend, would have been infinitely cooler at this height
Sideshow is a show for all vehicles
You already know how I feel about slammed duallys
For some reason this immediatly made me think of (hilarious motocross blog)
JDM sport truck? I’d love to see more trucks done like this
The cap is a little crazy but damn awesome otherwise
Both pretty awesome
A friend of mine has been telling me to pick one of these up for awhile, I didn’t see the appeal until now
S10 4runner bumper… I think this guy is or was on waaay back
I pretty much wrote off liking this generation F150 until now
Alberta uses sand right? Not salt? Is that why all these older trucks survive?
Seriously if that is the reason I need to start a petition against salting roads
Awesome Silverado, if this is original paint I will be amazed
Ranger laying flat out
Love the painted roof, nice touch, fits the rest of the theme too
It’s always kind of a shame that work like this often get’s hidden under beds and fenders
Hopefully photos of this Datsun finished cross my path one day
The low part is taken care of
It’s always cool to see shows that go that extra mile with the trophies
Clean S10
This kind of looks like a Luv but I think its a 70s B series truck… also boost?
I think ‘neck break’ is overused in regards to vehicles but it appears to be happening here if you look in the background
Low at any cost
This is a serious piece of work curious how high he has to raise it to drive
On my third of fourth look through Mike’s photos I noticed the shifter in the truck… nice touch
Based purlely on the photos I saw this looks like the vehicle of the event in my eyes
Immaculate build front to back
As I said on the fanpage… pure automotive art in the bed
and absolutely stunning from the side

All of Mike’s photos from this event can be found here on flickr.

Thanks again Mike!


  1. I miss the car shows. My dime had the 4runner bumper swap when I got it. Someone did a poor job mounting and aligning it…

  2. yes you are correct , to cold there for salt use , im surprised with everyone tree hugging way round here ( ONT ) that salt use is STILL permitted !!!

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