Event Coverage: Sema 2012 – Part 4.


I love American classics and this year I didn’t get the chance to check out nearly as many classic cruise nights as I would have liked so SEMA served as a great way for me to catch up on American Iron.

There were awesome builds literally as far as the eye could see and I had to constantly remind myself not to spend all of my time (or card space) on the classics.

Most of my favourite American builds from 2012 are below with a couple held over for future SEMA showstoppers.

Drag’N Kaiser

After following this build on Speedhunters it was great to be able to see it in the metal. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn it came from the factory as a two door, the work is that good.

If you have not yet I recommend checking out the build.

Pictures do not do this Gene Winfield paint job justice
No flaws anywhere in sight
The white continued all the way through the center console and onto the back deck lid
It was also carried over onto the steering wheel


Regret not taking more photos of this but at the same time I don’t remember taking this one
Bio Customz 51 Merc
Beautiful altered wheelbase Ford Falcon
Show quality engine bay with a motor that could probably pull a few stumps
This 32 known as the ‘Sylvester II’ has quite the back story behind it which can be read here
Hard to see with the all that chrome but that’s a chain operated throttle
And if that was not crazy enough chain operated shift linkage too
Riddler award winning 56 Ford Sunliner known as the “Suncammer”
Original 427 cammer motor under the hood hopped up a wee bit
Perhaps the best looking Thunderbird I have seen
Super nice interior
Easily one of the best looking engine bays at the show in my opinion
That’s 1150 ponies worth of Gale Banks Engineering 6.0-liter v8

Mach 40

Created using original ’69  Mustang Mach One body parts and built to the owners vision over three years the Mach 40 is an incredible machine that had a number of people talking. In fact the eckertsrodandcustom.com site is down for exceeding it’s bandwidth and I’d wager what I lost in Vegas this car is to blame.

Until it goes back up here’s the nitty gritty; a 2006 Ford GT 5.4 with a four litre Whipple supercharger makes it go, it’s got C6 suspension all around, and inside is a custom interior with Italian leather. The wheels are again custom and based off the ’69 GT Magnum 500 wheels.

The car ended up winning the Gran Tourismo award for it’s category (best hot rod) which means it will be in the next game.

The idea was for the car to just be a “little” wider than the standard 69 Mach One
The front and rear glass is original ’69
Underneath that OEM rear glass is a Whipple charged 5.4L that has a horse power dial that can fo from 600- 850 on the fly


One of my “if I were rich” projects would be to make a screen accurate Ecto-1 that’s slammed to  the ground and this ‘Thundertaker’ is the closest I’ve seen to that.

This is admittedly a hell of a lot cleaner than an Ecto-1 would ever be
Getting a side profile of this thing was TOUGH it’s huge
Build pics can be found here


Speed Garage 49 Chevy
’53 in the PPG ‘Watering-hole’
Classic drop top Impala
The ‘El-Rey’ Impala
Insanely detailed everywhere you look
Another look at the Brookwood brought by Accuair
I only have a engine shot of this SS… must have been the best part
The owner of this Vette used to own the ‘worlds fastest’ street legal Corvette?
Wonder if this is the new Worlds fastest…
Despite reminding me of freight train wheels these big steels are starting to grow on me
I had no idea the owner of Tapout was into cars
Closer look at that LS3
Awesome grocery getter
Race seating for 4!
I read somewhere that the first generation Camaro is one of the most popular cars at SEMA every year… I believe it
LSX powered with lots of CF
Never too much attention to detail
I’m never opening my hood again
Goolsby Customs 69 Camaro
500+ hp LS3 surrounded by stamped panels
68 built by Pratt & Miller Restorations
760 horse LS9
The ‘Tec 9’ Camaro built by Mitch Henderson Designs was a beautiful car and employed two colours I would have never thought to combine
2″ Wider quarters to house those monster wheels

Classics Reborn?

Not sure what to make of these really and that’s why I am ending with them. I think in both cases we should stop trying to recreate the past, your thoughts?

Daytona Super Bird kit for the new Challenger
Looks so… big.
This GTO I was on the fence about and then the headlight covers opened and…well… angel eyes are best left on BMWS

Couple more SEMA posts yet to come!


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