SEMA Showstopper: Ranz Motorsports 280SE


Slowing things down a little today coverage wise for another SEMA Showstopper.

Erik actually spotted this car on opening day (while I was off getting married) and suggested that I take a peak inside the car once I was done looking under the hood.

When I did finally track this Benz down I took his advice and was treated to one of the most thorough ‘cross-breed’ cars I have seen in awhile.

The initial eye catcher to this car is the JDM 2JZ swap
A few people have said they would have liked the engine bay to be a bit more dressed up but considering the build as a whole it is not really necessary
Like the engine bay the interior is host to borrowed Lexus/Toyota components
An IS250 is the car that lost guts for this interior to live
It was great to see this car on a Nitto tire set-up that could use all that new power and the VIP modular were quite fitting
The kicker was this model who actually knew what she was standing in front of and could talk about it intelligently

Check back tomorrow for some Classic American muscle from the 2012 SEMA show.


  1. Congrats on the wedding mate. Hoping for a long and happy one 🙂

    Good question on the door opening. One thing I’ve noticed over the years, when you really start to look at the details of most show cars, there’s no way most of them can run well as a driver. Little things are missing – either due to time or achieving “the look” they were after. Do you think the door opens by the small chrome lever/switch/thingy you can see south of the mirror in the fourth image?

    Oh, and amazing find on a model/spokesperson that actually knows something about the car they’re standing in front of. It’s not just the “eye-candy” that are 31 flavours of useless when you ask a simple question. Most of the salespeople fall into that category too.

  2. There is certainly a lot of details on some show cars that fall right on their face under further inspection but if they left out the door opening I would be really surprised. I suspect you are right Donn with that lever opening the door. That is my hope anyway.

    And yes not sure if Nitto trained the model or she just knew but it was really refreshing.

    And thanks for the best wishes on the marriage!

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