WTF Friday: Hardrock


What do you get when you cross a MK1 Volkswagen Caddy, a 91 Toyota Soarer, some metal for a roll cage, two wheel tubs, BC Coils, a hydraulic handbrake, paint, and some Rota Grids?

Evidently a cool little truck that can slide with the best of them.

Built by TEAM HÅRDROCK somewhere in Sweden this VW/Toyota hybrid is exactly the kind of crazy I like to post on Fridays.

Info is a little sparse, and it’s not 100% finished, but all the important bits are where they need to be.

Unsuspecting Caddy loses it’s front end
Enter new sheet metal and Rota Grids
1JZ looking right at home
Closer look at some of the strut tower and tub fabrication
Kind of wish the Taxi sign made it to the final revision
Taken back apart for paint
Looks like it does what it was built for pretty damn well
If you are wondering about the front fenders…
…they are a work in progress

Perhaps this car and the RB25DET Passat need to get together.

This build can be found in Swedesish on

Site Updates

All orders placed between October 27th and November 2nd have shipped today, sorry for the delay while I was off galavanting in Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, I’ve still got more SEMA stuff and I might drop a post or two on the weekend just to keep things from dragging out too long.

Flashback Friday

While at SEMA the topic of RX-8s came up which has sent me back looking for a particular one that I have yet to find, I did however find this gem I posted back in 2010 from Victoria BC.

Now if I could only find the one I was looking for…

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