SEMA Showstopper: Jake’s Genesis


When I posted a photo of Jake’s Genesis on the fanpage  many of you commented saying it was one of the best Gens currently rolling the streets and that I should go back for a closer look at the motor, interior, and trunk.

I’m not one to argue with my readers so each time I passed the car I made an effort to notice something different and after doing so I would have to agree that it’s one of the nicest Genesis builds I have seen to date.

On the third or fourth visit the car started to look familiar and that’s when I realized I had seen a rendering of the projected final product on the Stance | Works forums a couple weeks prior.

Considering how drastically some cars differ from their initial renderings Jake did a great job of staying true to his vision, especially when it comes down to park height and wheel fitment.

Jake’s car is bagged on AirRex suspension and sits on 3 piece Blonix Snowflakes wheels made by ISS Forged
The wheels are currently one of one and took home the Felgenoutlet Award for the best wheel and tire combo, which means Jake got this amazing trophy
Nice combination of show and go under the hood
If all went to plan that is a Garrett GTX 2876 and under that cf is a TurboXS tubular manifold
I liked the subtle use of Dooney & Bourke material in the interior along with the center console treatment
Fitting in with the rest of the car the trunk has also been done tastefully
Dual compressors surround a colour matched tank
Intercooler looks great behind the Sarona Hannah bumper

Between Jake’s car the Datsun Bluebird beside it SUN* WORKS killed it at SEMA 2012.


  1. very nice and tastefully modded genesis. i have yet to see a car from sun*works that isn’t top notch, and i’ve seen quite a few.

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