Victoria: The place to be


I’m kind of on the fence when it comes to rx-8s. I generally prefer the RX-7 but every once and awhile someone comes along and really nails the RX-8 to the point where I consider fully committing to the ‘I love RX-8’ side of the fence.

This just happens to be one of those cars. The owner kept things simple with the right stance, the right wheels, and essentially stock body.

Unrelated: When I first glanced at these plates I thought the referred to Victoria BC upon closer inspection these are loafers they refer to Victoria Australia which is kinda funny because BC (well Whistler) is full of Australians anyway.

They do have a mean front end when brought down
Ass isn't bad either
Great ride height
Black and blue is always a great choice
Remember that saturn commercial about the third door being tricked out?
I dig the fact he ws able to keep the side marker which often rubs on these

Well done sir, well done.


  1. a well done rx8 i think he really got the camber right on the front end it just looks sick with those fenders.. imo

  2. Im doing this to my rx8, is not as low as that one but i have white wheel and getting coilovers and powercoating the wheels to this blue… With a fat polish lip

  3. often rx8’s are way too how shall i put this clutterd alll the detail interupts the flow of the lines in the body work as an rx7 is all form there not overdone i must say im not sold on the blue altho with the adition of some ranbow ti bits hmmmmm >: )

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