Event Coverage: SEMA Part 3


I’ve got another round of coverage from the central hall of SEMA today. Today’s post is very picture heavy (50+) so those of you on smart phones consider this your warning.

Lot’s of variety in today’s post so there should be something for everyone, there is also even a little something for Transformers fans…

House Of Kolor

The H.O.K booth probably could have been a SEMA Show Stopper now that I think about it because it had a lot of amazing examples of what you can be done with their paint if you are very talented.

This bike had all sorts of detail but I liked the tank the most
I've got a whole book full of skateboard art and these would easily make the cut
Marilyn was a bombshell
Man, this movie used to creep me out
Check that dude doing a double take at this car
My favorite vehicle at the House of Kolor booth, love the frenched headlights

Anzo’s Bumblebee

I’ve gotta be honest I am still not 100% behind Michael Bay’s choice to turn Bumblebee from a VW bug to a Camaro, however I do like what’s been going on with the new Camaro’s so I can live with it.

Pretty slick
These tail lights were rad
But these headlights were incredible, check out the projector
Sorta want.

Gene Winfield

We met Gene Winfield in an elevator on the way to the washroom, really nice humble guy. Later I took a look at ‘The Wildcard’ he painted parked in the PPG booth and was blown away…

Mr. Winfield smiling for the cam
That stripe down the middle isn't glare, it's great paint work
Apparently as Lyndsey got close this door opened on its own, magic!
The diner theme of the PPG booth sure was something
Clean doesn't even begin to describe the work that was done
This car was all the way from Australia

BC Racing

I checked out the BC Racing booth for quite some time and was able to give Mike from BC a personal thanks for all the work he did helping me get my suspension on point.

BC is also doing made to order wheels which means they should be a much larger player this year.

Mike and I putting a face to the name
A quick look at BC's wheels and suspension lineup
BC's sick GTR
Sitting low on their racing suspension
BC also had this awesome, very dumped, Camaro at their booth

The rest of the floor

Cars and people from the rest of the floor, lots of great stuff here.

OMG it does exist!
NSX by Rick Design, first I've ever seen
Very Ferrari esque
Interesting widebody 3/M3
With a very aggressive front end
He was ripping one of these out on the test track as well
Traxxas is coming out with this Mini Block Ford this year
Even the RC Camaro's had great stance
One of the most unique finishes of the entire show
Nice looking 60s Camaro
Hey, what's that guy checking out?
Oh I see!
Check out the nose panel, all CF
This car was packing serious rubber
Accuair get's down
Injen/Accuair/Rotifom Audi wag, fantastic.
Can't wait to see these done up on the street, bright future for this platform
Ford was not about to let Chevy have all the slammed fun however
These Rally Fighters are a sort of Semi kit car vehicle
H&R did up these Mazda2 in a real functional fashion
These should make decent little track cars
Speaking of functional check out one of the many time attack cars at 2010 SEMA
This was a treat, one of the movie cars from the upcoming Green Hornet
Mr. Andretti at the Magnaflow booth
Raybesto's theme custom at the Ford booth
Phil Remington dry lakes roadster, a real piece of automotive history
Another piece of history, Mike Bambers Silver Dollar - A 340 Chrysler-powered '41 Willys
Seibon had this nicely done Nissan in it's booth
A number of manufacturer's collaborated on this Scion and it looked great
I think I am slowly becoming an engine bay fanatic
No expense spared in the interior


  1. That ’59 caddy is sex on wheels…man. That CF nosed 2nd gen camaro looks like a serious corner carver as well. Also, after seeing all these awesome Mazda 2’s….i’m kind of thinking about buying one…

  2. I played a demo version of GT5 today at Walmart, looks good, although I’m sure the real version will be even more awesome!

  3. the thing about sema is even if a car isnt your style the work man ship is so freaking good that you end up diging it like that mahooosiv chevy couldnt be less my thing but Gdamn and that black camero gives me noughty thoughts drool

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