Theme Tuesdays: The Women of Sema


I’m sure you guys may have noticed a surprising lack of women in my SEMA coverage and perhaps wondered where they all were.

Well wonder no more because I have put all of the ones that myself and my girlfriend did manage to capture into today’s Theme Tuesday.

Some girls got shot more than once, but that’s not really a problem is it?

Oh... you want actual women?
A triple threat
This must have been my shot, cause she's not looking at the cam...
I should have grabbed one of those posters in hindsight
Nice bow
Girls at the 2Crave wheels booth
One got up and started posing
My shirt grabbed her attention, obviously
There was a crowd around this girl like you would not believe
My angle
and Lyndsey's
'I think I just went up a cup size'

Back with another Show Stopper later today, just waiting on a response from the builder 🙂


  1. “I think I just went up a cup size”…no no no, more like “I thought my bra from middle school would still fit…” LOL

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