SEMA Showstopper: The Big Job


Previously I mentioned that I had a few different plans for some of the in depth vehicle and booth coverage I got from this years SEMA event. Dubbed ‘SEMA Show Stoppers’ these are the things that stopped me in my tracks and demand further attention.

Today’s SEMA show stopper is the ‘Big Job‘ which is a 1956 Ford F-750 merged with a Chevy HD chassis that was brought to the show by and Insane Kustoms.

What drew me to this truck initially was it’s sheer size, I have never seen something so large with such classic Ford truck styling.

What kept me near the truck was interesting Chevy chassis merge that supported the entire thing.

Also helping  draw my eye to the truck were the custom wheels, air ride and a number of unique features like the side exit exhaust below the running boards and the beautiful wood lined bed.

Just look at the size of this behemoth
The Big Job is powered by a Duramax diesel with Banks inter cooler
The interior had all the creature comforts like A/C heat, GPS, and satellite radio
The paint was flawless throughout which could not have been easy for such a big truck
Gotta love the space of a crew cab, almost as big as those wheel lips
Beautiful color and integrated tail lights
While this truck had a hitch and I am sure it could haul for days I hope it doesn't for the beautiful beds sake

Update: This beautiful truck was built by Insane Kustoms in Utah, check them out on facebook.

More SEMA coverage and Show Stoppers to come.


  1. Hey there! This is my dad’s truck and J. Wallace with Insane Kustoms did not build this truck. My dad built the truck and Insane Kustoms helped do some body work and paint about half the truck. My dad Lonn Burrows built the truck from scratch in his shop. Thank you for the great article and beautiful pics, if you’ve got more questions about it than don’t be afraid to reach out.

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