Event Coverage: Lowballers VIP Meet


Last night, after SEMA, I hit up the Lowballers SEMA VIP meet.

I knew I had to make a point to head out to this meet from the first time I saw the ad because the Lowballers do it big and the VIP scene in Toronto is still pretty small still so this meet served as a great opportunity to check out an established VIP scene.

While at the meet I also got to meet John from VIP Style cars and hang out with Toronto VIP boss Sharad from SK performance with whom I chatted with while my girlfriend worked her way around the meet taking the following pictures.

Low ballin
SC on what look to be CCWs?
Aggresivley fitted Speed3 on highlighter yellow wheels
The Miata game in the states is serious buisness
Stick em up
Plate win
Dialed G35
Sittin proper
The whole Vegas experience really turned me around on the new boxes
Neek lurkin
One of several sets of Junction Produce curtains
Now that's a shift knob
Just some of the lineup, these guys roll deep
VIP cars are so clean
One of my favorite cars of the night
Another killer Lex
I'm normally not a big fan of pinstripes but I didn't mind this one
Another one of my favorite cars of the meet so sick in person

Big shout out to Neek, and Sean D for the Vegas hospitality and the great meet. Wish I could have made it on the cruise but there is always next year!


  1. OMG…so many nice cars…they do it up so big down there…VIP here is small but slowly growing…a total of 5 of us lol but a good mature group 🙂

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