Event Coverage: SEMA Part 2


At this point we are all done the shooting at SEMA and now all I have to do is sort through the 100’s of photos to give you guys the best of what I’ve got.

In addition to standard Event Coverage, like today’s, from SEMA (which now has it’s own category) I have a few special types of posts in mind for some of the more in depth coverage I’ve got.

For now here is a good variety of cars that were in the Central Hall.

Spectra Chrome

Spectra had a pretty cool booth, depending on the price I could see a lot of people messing around with this.

Crazy ATV
Dennis Anderson's King Sling, I have a cd about this I have yet to watch
I'm not going to lie the kid in me was stoked to see Dennis Anderson

Classics, Rods, and Customs

This was actually the first SEMA photo I took, I should frame it
Gassers are one of the originators of functional stance
This was sitting in the American Shifter group booth
Classic Industries shop truck
House of Kolor Ultra Roadster
I've always had an appreciation for Customs but SEMA made me appreciate them even more
So many nice 32s
Deucenberg 32 Ford, my god it was nice


Long truck
So many new Camaro's at SEMA this year here is one from Stewart Warner
Twin forced induction
Another Camaro, super slammed
This one was supercharged
The wheel wells on these new Camaro's just swallow up big rims


Hyundai is really out to step up their reputation
Autofashion x Hyundai
It was rad to see a CRZ with a BMX up top
Even cooler to see it was Drew's colorway. Google Drew Bezanson
CRZ's are killing it
Tin/Fortune CRZ
So nice
Bisimoto Hybrid CRZ project
Pretty crazy build all around
The coolest mods list ever?

For now I am about to head out to the Miracle Mile and do some shopping with some of the money I won at the slots (true story) but when I get back later, and before we do some shows, I will post some photos from last nights Low Ballers VIP meet.


  1. to bad honda didn’t put a decent power plant in the CR-Z. a nice turbo K-series swap would be amazing in that car

  2. Bishop, tgere already are k swaps going on and some companies have produced superchargers for tge cr-z

  3. Great pics! Does anyone know what make car it is in the American Shifter Group booth. I don’t know much about American made vehicles, sorry. Information on who build it or links with more pics are welcome too. I’ve Googled and google but can’t find it. And the American Shifter website or facebook doesn’t feature it. Very inspiring car!

    Thank you!

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