Theme Tuesdays: Early Body Corrados


I’ve always liked (early) VW Corrados, probably because I like Sciroccos quite a bit as well and they share a similar feel.

While their reliability might be up for question but their ability to look good dumped on a clean set of rims isn’t.

It’s a damn shame that they came fwd as a sliding Corrado would be a treat.

Today's post fills me with a lot of regret when it comes to my old RMs
This dark blue looks really good on hi polished CCWs
Nice shot
Olive drab looks pretty killer here, so does the 2nd set of wheels
My under hood is such a mess and I run with a hood
Dark blue ftw
Another awesome shot
Back shot.
Killin it
Nice lookin interior as well
I am glad my wallet is far away from this car
British Racing Green?
More RM's
Murdered RM looking great
VW's always roll deep
Killer other than the hood
Local Corrado that took home some hardware at CSCS
Another local Corrado from the e30 meet, a Scraped Crusader

I will see about a Scirocco Themed post in the near future…


  1. all sick the best thing about corados tho is there a squillions of the damn things and there cheep’n’fast

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