Event Coverage: Voice Coil Meltdown 5


This weekend was the 5th Annual Voice Coil Meltdown and Tuner Jam Show put on by Division R Performance and hosted at Selective Sound in Mississauga. Since I had missed this show all four previous years I made a mental note to attend this one even before Sam had invited me out to the event to cover and sponsor it.

The show had a great turnout and for the most part the weather cooperated, here are the photos from this year and I hope to make it out again next year.

Funny stickers

You all know how much I love my sticker humor.

I've seen this one before
But this one was new, props to team asshole for making me laugh

Random Rides

Jeeps and bikes didn’t really fit in with the rest of the categories I made.

Personally I would rather ride a crotch rocket, but I like looking at choppers more

Flush Infiniti

The last time I saw this car was at Stretch and Poke # 1 it’s still looking clean.

Poke for sure

DB Drag

This is the second DB contest I’ve attended so the novelty of super loud stereos has yet to wear off. These guys go to extreme lengths for 1 more decibel.

King Kong's in the trunk!
This VW was basically big speaker box
This little Fiat was crazy, it could hardly pull it's weight around
This car's stance was achieved by sheer weight
Check out the size of that port
Qualified at 161.2... a jet taking off is about 140db to put things in perspective

I.C.E. setups

Lots of elaborate trunk setups at this show, here are the ones I captured.

300zx rocking a lot of Xplod gear, is the Xplod line still around?
Phoneix Gold gear in this RX-7
This Scion had a lot, cage, bottle, subs, and air ride under there too

Chrysler 300s

One old, one new.

Classic 300 on big wheels
Nice color on this 300c and the Viper wheels look amazing


V8’s and bow-ties

This Malibu rolled in as I was leaving, it was legit
I've seen this bagged Astro out and about
Z 2-donk? Bit of a style clash here... clean body though


These two Mitsu’s are at pretty well every show I attend

I'd be all over this car sans vinyl, I understand why it is there though
This one almost looks Iron Man themed


Another Division R ride that you may see more of here soon
The slammed toaster that had that I.C.E. setup from above
Two tone Soarer



The black and blue hatch from performance world
Pogi's NextMod 3 Sedan
This car ran into engine troubles at CSCS but was running again at Voice Coil
This RX-8 wasn't in the show, just spectating


and Datsun’s!

This tidy Datsun wasn't in the show but I had to take a shot
This car looks like it's seen some hard driving
And this one looks to be a work in progress
350 leading the plaque crew
The plaque in front of this car said this 350 had over $30,000 worth of modifications, damn
Another 350, a bit more subtle
Sam's previously featured 350z
Lone skyline


Germany beat England! But I don’t watch soccer.

I would drive this car in a second
Jetta looking good on Porsche twists
Jetta poking on Keskins
Pulled back shot
Clean as a whistle.
Pedro's A3


Team Fuel S2000
Nice and clean eg coupe
and another clean coupe
Dropped gold Civic
With a random bmx on the roof....
That truck had the craziest paint job, oh and this civic was clean
Pretty Boyz JDM clipped DC
Nice metal work on that plaque
The line up of Top Creations rides
Mugen Acura, this is the only big wing I like on Hondas

Congrats to all the winners and Sam for putting everything together. See you next year.


  1. This show had an excellent turn out, some top quality cars. Division R Performance & Team Selective Sound pulled it together. Lots of giveaways and cash prizes as well as Huge trophies. Deffinatly comming back next year !

  2. Just in case anyone is curious, the reason there is no hood on my car (the green g35) is because I had a mishap the previous weekend.

    My hood latch fell off and my carbon hood decided to punch me in the face. None the less, new fenders and going back to stock hood lol I’ll be putting my front end together later today. (it was painted yesterday)

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