Event Coverage: Classics Against Cancer


Last Sunday I decided to treat my dad to a classic car show for Fathers day and with the ‘Classics Against Cancer’ show being the same day I figured it was meant to be, unfortunately even though the show was scheduled until 4 a lot of the cars started rolling out at 3:30. While I was quite disappointed my dad seemed to enjoy the show regardless of the fact  lot of cars had already left.

Since a lot of the cars were gone by the time we arrived today’s coverage is a little different than my normal fare but if you like anything on wheels you will enjoy.


Part of the show was dedicated to Kit cars which was pretty cool because kit cars are all sorts of fun.

Anyone ever driven one of these? What's it like how do they handle?
Not sure what this car is supposed to resembe but it looks pretty rad


Imports from all over the place, not just Asia.

Nice looking 240z
Rare to see a Morris Minor in these parts
A pack of British roadsters
I was shocked when google informed me this is a UK-Ford!

1980 and newer

Though billed as a classic show they did have a few young blood cars out.

Both my dad and I really dig these
Tried to convice him to get one as a retirement gift to himself... didn't work
I will have some more info on this car for you later this week
S-10 down in the weeds
Another, both Twizted Kreationz rides

Classic Iron

Big pieces of American history

Clean Buick
Straight 8?
I love these Fat Fendered trucks
Such an eye catching color
Galaxie 500's are very large cars
Another Galaxie but this ones a weee bit faster
Big old Tornado, if I recall these have torsion bars up front and drop easy
These look way better than those more recent Thunderbirds
Super Sport
Mustang Sally

Vintage Rides

Paying homage to the vehicles which we would be nowhere today without.

Getting old... ha
Every time I see Model A I am in awe that they still run
Might not be fast but sure is pretty
Check out the plug and distributor setup, different from what we have today and yet the same
Only one belt for the fan, simple.
Vintage Plymouth
With an original ram on the hood

That’s it for this years Cars Against Cancer, be sure to check out last years coverage if you missed it. Maybe next year I will try and arrive early…


  1. deap breth lol your un known kit car is ment to look like an austin healy mk3(but doing a bad job of it) that morris minor is probably runing a v8 (350 maybe) as its far from its stock self and and that police car is a ford consoul as for your “british roadsters” because the us spek there on suspenshon blocks to make the head lights the right hight for us road law wich is why thay look too high and un gainly.why the hell buy’s a charger in dog dick pink lol,i love that red ford truck drooooool

  2. Ollie, I can always count on you to know what the cars across the pond are supposed to look like.

    My BMW suffered from horrible bumper conversions on the import here 🙁

  3. I actually think the second shot might be a miata chassis with a healy body. And any Panther Pink (Dodges) or Moulin Rouge (Plymouths) are extremely rare, and awsome. One of the only cars that can make pink look good.

  4. the worst usdm “bumper rape” is the lambo countach by far!!!! and i dont care rair it is there are still 7million other colors that look better in my opinion

  5. Hey man if u happen to come across a toyota matrix snap a couple pictures and send them to me 713….456….9389

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