Guest Blog: Theme Tuesdays: Air Bag Love Pt. 2


One of the most unnecessary arguments in the automotive community, in my opinion, is the static vs air debate.

I just don’t get it, people should get down how they want to get down and that should be the end of it.

Both setups have advantages and disadvantages and sure people on air can raise their car now and again to get over obstacles but is that worse than having an entirely different car to drive daily or turning your coils down at or before a show?

For this weeks Theme Tuesday I contacted the guys at Air Society for a little help hopefully getting a few static fans to at least appreciate what is over on the “dark side”.





If you never been over to Air Society I recommend checking out their forums where a number of cool builds are going down including my friend John’s widebody Mazda 3 which should be on air really soon.


  1. for vans ,estates,pick ups and VIP barges frankly hidrogas/bags are the only ways to go
    but for car capable real velocity any thing but coils is is a waist of your rides abilitys

  2. dude rx8 on bentley wheels is dope never seen that you should do a theme tuesday for car rocking bentley wheels that arent audi or vws hahaha that maybe alittle hard

  3. o and to add to the debate. air has its function like on trucks and stuff that dosent go fast but static drops r for real gangsters i mean sacrficing comfort to be slammmed takes a hard ass pun intended haha

  4. Obviously we’ve got a long way to go to dispel the myths about air suspension. Air suspension CAN be made to perform better than static. And besides, that whole argument is a waste of time among enthusiasts such as ourselves, because cars this low don’t handle for shit no matter what kind of suspension they’re on. Let’s not kid ourselves here, most of the cars we’re looking at are slammed for the look, not for performance.

  5. Just to add my 2 cents worth… A badass car is a badass car Period!!
    Static is just more haRDcoRE (provided it’s slammed and stays slammed)winding coils up and down is no different to having bags! show low ride low man up and scrap if need be! if you want to be a static gangsta set your suspension low and leave it there.. dam weld your collars in place for extra badness points!!

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