Is this real life?


Not sure how or where I came across this car, and I have not seen it anywhere since. Even typing a few search terms into Google didn’t really return anything relevant (to this car at least). To make things more bleak I renamed the photos as I saved them so who knows what they were originally called.

If I only had one photo saved I would have sworn it was a photo shop, but since there are three…

Let me know more if you know more…

Looks pretty killer, and I like he was able to keep the side markers in
Wonder what wheels ended up on the Bent
Really gives the RX-8 a classy/sporty look

Ed Sutch hooked up the original thread here on Nice car Jack!

Out of the box thinking ftw.


  1. this thing is sweet i usualy dont like bentley wheels not even on bentleys but this is shit hot id never thought this would look this hot!!!!!

  2. there 20s but im not to sure on the width but there gona be wide cos there bult to have 2.5 tons of gt car ontop of them but ive seen them fited to a golf sooo

  3. This is my boyfriends car, the Bentleys are the real deal and are 19s by 9j just to clarify any confusion 🙂

    Hes a memeber on Modified GB and Vagowners, theres plenty more pics on there.


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