The Infamous Project 5.0 touches ground


Not too long ago I let everyone know that the Infamous Project e36 turned out to be lower than it’s inital rendering so it’s no surprise that the other car Chris Savard is building for The Infamous Project may in fact be the lowest static dropped 5.0 around.

Chris used a collection of modified off the shelf parts to give his super charged 5.0 its final stance, which according to him, is the lowest of any static fox body sitting on 18″ wheels.

Before the project the car was already slightly lowered
Stripped for the new paint job
Matte/satin black coat laid down
Super charged motor all buttoned up
FMS C Springs with 1 coil removed and Racecraft 2" drop spindles were installed up front
Rear custom trailing arm/coil over set up
The final result = fresh paint fresh stance which Chris claims is the lowest static dropped 5.0
Anyone out there willing to dispute his claim?

I will be checking out this car, and his e36, in person at Performance World this weekend, and while I can’t confirm whether or not it is the lowest 5.0 around (as I have no way of knowing) I will take lots of pictures of it so that if it is the lowest it will be well documented and if it isn’t it can be disputed.

If you are in the area I suggest that you come check out the Performance World because regardless of whether this stang is the lowest it’s road to the show has been quite interesting and it be a real treat to see all of Chris cars this weekend after all of the hard work he has put in.


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