Super clean MK2


Don’t get me wrong, I love slammed cars with lots of dish, camber, and stretch, but sometimes it’s too easy to forget what can be accomplished with a moderate oem+  styling approach.

This MK2 Jetta isn’t over the top, and would probably wouldn’t bring home a lot of trophies at a show, but I think it’s one of the cleanest, and best looking Volkswagens I have ever posted on here on Stance Is Everything.

This car is so clean that I found it on a Honda forum and not a Volkswagen one.

As you all know I am a sucker for a nice set of RS’s and white and gold is a color scheme that’s hard to beat. This car is the complete package and the owner really knows how to keep it clean.

Combine that with a great photographer by the name of Mike Gilbert and you have an awesome set of photos.

The amount of cars that start with a nice set of BBS wheels...
The 8v (I think) flairs on this car are the perfect compliment to the ride height and wheel width
The gold on these wheels really pops
This location makes me wish there were more docks in the GTA
Mike Gilbert really knows how to work a lens
Clean shaved, tucked bay with VR6 swap
Perfect parting shot

If you want to see more great photos of awesome VAG cars check out Mike Gilberts


  1. The gold trim on the door handles is one of the sexiest subtle compliments to this car and goes perfectly with the wheels.

    Thanks for yet another post that has once again left me undecided on how to finish a set of RS’ once I manage to get my hands on a set!

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