WTF Friday: Let the Bodys hit the floor


Body drops have been around forever in the mini trucking community. When bringing the body of a vehicle over it’s frame it’s not uncommon to end up with  a truck that lays rocker, or even door, but this, this is ridiculous!

This s10 has been sectioned just below the mid body line and is so low that the wheels stick up past the top of the fenders and bed rails.

I would like to see some pictures of it at ride height as I can’t imagine it looks pretty aired up with a 1/4 of the body missing, however if the builders were trying to prove that they can go lower than anyone else, point proven.

Does it count as tucking if you start to un tuck?
Rockin the doughnuts up front
Hardly any bumper left in the front...
...and none in the rear
There is speculation (and for good reason) that this truck has no motor
I guess a little person could drive it?

WTF Is this?

Ok, while the new stickers are not in production yet this car mocks me every time I look at the folder on my hard drive dedicated to this site. I saved it sometime ago and forgot to write down what it was and seriously have no idea.

So guess what this car is and win a set of the URL stickers, you have to be able to prove it though.

First correct comment wins!

Site Updates

I am covering Performance World this weekend and will have my photos  up latest Wednesday because on Monday I will have a new Featured Ride.

My design mocks are with Seche Media right now as we work out manufacturing costs but I am really hoping to get them printed before the month is out so that they can ship out just around the time everyone has their wheels and lips back on.

Flashback Fridays

Keepin it S body and keepin it movin

Here is one of my favorite Theme Tuesdays from early on, Puttin In Work! Not all cars with aggressive fitment are hard parkers!


  1. regarding that ridiculous s-10,what do you expect from Florida,they invented DONKS and most other Stupid auto trends.
    slammed mini trucks are cool,but that friggin thing is dumb

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