Rollin Heavy


Here’s a quick before work, pre-Theme Tuesday post to get your day headed in the right direction. Nothing too fancy with this LS400 just another clean, black,  dumped, dished Lexus.

The more I look at it the more I like it, the factory two tone is working surprisingly well and the chrome trim around the wheels works well with the wheels.

Wheels which someone obviously spent some time researching specs because they fit perfectly in the wells.

Bagged? Perhaps but that doesn’t make it any less sick.

Rear fitment, speechless.
Nice plate.

Can’t remember where I picked these up but it’s got me thinking I should do a future Theme Tuesday on the LS400, what do you think?


  1. CLEAN! I didn’t even notice it was a 2-tone, until you mentioned it. And that’s the kind of subtlety I really like. Subtle to the point that people who like the in your face approach say “well what was the point in that” level of subtlety. I really like it, and the wheels. PERFECT for that body and style. Up to date yet still period correct looking.

  2. I believe this one is for sale :)…dunno if it is sold yet, but it is up for sale for a decent price (in LA)

  3. ls400’s always suprise me there a modern classic it doesnt matter what year it is a fue tweeks and thay look awsome

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