Theme Tuesdays: Classic Minis


Question: What’s small, nimble, a little bigger than a go kart, loved the world over, and can run on motors borrowed from two wheel vehicles as well as four wheel vehicles? Classic Mini’s of course!

I don’t post a whole lot of Mini’s around here so a Mini Theme Tuesday has been long over due. However, before I get to posting more of the current generation I’ve got to give a head nod to the ones that started it all.

A little rough around the edges but it's got potential.
CF flares 🙂
This Mini is a little larger than the most
And it holds many secrets
Like being AWD for example.
This one is b16 powered awd, and looks like it means business
Most flip up front ends I have seen flip down, this is way much more practical
Mini's have some of the best looking fender flares
I had no idea Mini trucks were around, until I was brought up to speed by Ollie
Out for a boot
I wonder if mini's can actually run go kart tires, it looks like the almost could lol
Another b16 beast with great stance
Honda powered Wolseley Hornet
Another truck convert, this time Honda powered
Part of me wants to see one of these Mini trucks laying sparks
The other part of me enjoys them as they are
Built for one purpose....
...Going FAST

This weeks Theme Tuesday was powered by Ollie and his vast photo collection and sizable Mini knowledge.

Thanks to him if I ever come into lots of money a Honda powered Mini will be in my stable along with lots of other hybrid cars…


  1. your welcome joe we’v been sending each other pics for weeks with enough content to do 4 theme tuesdays lol but this is a wicked edit that sports pack at the top is how thay all started life (or worse) good idea dave, so whats next? ;D

  2. You didn’t post the best classic Mini of all: Mr. Bean’s!!!!!!

    LOL…great Theme Tuesday…such great quality Minis 🙂

  3. not being a purist, love the b16 powered minis. it’s just the perfect engine swap. a small revvy bulletproof engine with loads of mods available. (ok, maybe i’m a bit biased since i run one daily)

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