Mini Of Epic Proportions


I really can’t remember where or when I came across this car, maybe on one of the several message boards and blog I check out daily. Regardless of where I found it, it obviously had a good reason to be there as it’s pretty damn appealing.

The raked stance, wide track, copious amounts of tire, flares, and lack of non essentially accessories leads me to believe that this Mini functions just as well as it looks.

No chrome, no bling, just mean
The flares can hardly hold the awesome

Head nod to the owner for doing this Mini up proper!


  1. i have to say i dont like the new mini unless i think of it as a car in its own right how ever dispite all the black plastic and sun roof (i REALY REALY REALY HATE THEM because your puting wieght right up at the top of the car its like saying please fk up my handleing and make me slow the style of this thing is shit hot

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