Theme Tuesdays: Muscle


I’m in a gas wasting, deafening exhaust, bend the ground with torque type of mood today and the only cure for that is a lot of pictures of  Muscle cars.

Hope you don’t mind.

Dude's got a killer hat on
That's a lot of forced induction
Well that's a handful
Gnarly tuck front and rear
The Muscle car of my generation, love the distinctive 5.0 sound
Beautiful stance
Nice backdrop as well
Chevelles are one my my girlfriends favorite cars
If she had one like this I would steal the keys
Muscle cars really look great murdered out
Another murdered out example
CCWs killing it again
Pretty sure the biggest wheels I have seen on an older Mustang
Nothing wrong with some new age muscle
This may or may not have started as a Falcon, either way looks tough
No body kitted 4th gen here
Another Camaro for good measure

Back to training for me.


  1. well…lets see. I’ve actually seen that yellow Hotchkis Challanger attack the cones…and my god can it handle for a lates 60’s piece of iron. I also remember reading the article on that black Falcon, its a few inches wider and longer, and the odd shovel looking bumper is just the regular Falcon bumper flipped upsidedown. The last mustang, I believe was at SEMA this year, and if I recall correctly, its called the Trans-Cammer, and packs a whopping 600hp 427 SOHC Ford V8. Yep…I love muscle cars too much, I just wish they could handle better…

  2. you know my stance on muscle cars however thay are i want it to have my babys gorgeous and if you live some were with only streight rodes like the USA and parts of OZ and fule (av gas ethanol because the petrol the USA gets is week as piss compared to the stuff over here, dose canada run on US grade?) is cheep as chips like in the US and OZ then it starts making more sence than a caterham as much as it kills me to say it but id have to but id have to go for a big blown mother fker with tail fins cos if you gona get wet you might as well go swiming lol,

  3. I’m glad you two appreciate when I diverge off into different sections of the automotive hobby (obsession)

    Ollie the gas we get here is the same as US I am pretty sure.

    I think one day I will own a muscle car, hopefully, regardless of the handling 😛

  4. Pro-touring look is awesome. To bad alot of them are gitted with huge rims. The orange Camaro is bang on. The black one….rims are waaaay too big. Tis a shame. And as much as I love musclecar’s from the 60’s-70’s there’s something about a 5.0 fox body that I just can’t resist.

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