Epic Save


I found this build on JDM rides and ‘Epic Save’ were the first two words to come to my mind.

This car started out as one of the worst looking Civics I have ever seen but the owner snatched the car from the moronic hands of the previous owner, put in some elbow grease and turned it into a nice, clean, de riced ride.

Personally I don’t know if I could take on a project like this because of fear of what care (or lack there of) the owner did to the car mechanically, based on their taste in aesthetic modifications.

All the more power to the new owner for putting in work.


Who pics a bumper like this? Honestly
Oh chicken wire...


Horrible bumper and wheels tossed to the rubbish bin
Much, much cleaner rear end
The exhaust was eventually replaced as well
and a cf hood added

The new owner isn’t done yet and if you want this Dutch build all you have to do is click.


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