Featured Photographer: Mike McConnell


This isn’t the first time I have posted photos from today’s featured photographer. Nor is it the second or third time, truth be told a formal feature of the work done by Mike McConnell has been long over due.

Known as ‘Mikejoe’ in the Volkswagen scene, where he developed a love for low Beatles and Rabbits, Mr. McConnell’s initial photographic focus was German automobiles but since then his horizons have broadened to the point where he needed to move from Ontario to Calgary to swap cityscape for landscape.

The reason Mike moved out to Calgary, the breath taking scenery

Mike is a Canon shooter who currently uses the popular, reliable, and versatile 50d, and his camera bag is multiple lenses deep with glass ranging from 10mm to 300mm.

An 80s Audi GT Mike shot while working as a VW/Audi tech

On location Mike likes to make his photos more dynamic with creative use of his auxiliary battery pack and strobes.

As a VW guy Mike had access to lots of great cars to shoot

Once the harsh Calgary winter passes Mike plans to shoot as much as he can in Calgary including their thriving car scene.

Since Mike’s flickr account is already full of lots of fantastic shots I really can’t wait to see what he can accomplish in his new location for 2011.

The perfect backdrop for a photo of an FJ

Of course I will have no problem coming across Mike’s work this year because he has graciously offered to share some of his automotive work in 2011 here on Stance Is Everything as a contributing photographer.

Brick boardwalks always make for awesome photos
Easily a catalog quality shot of this Audi
Sand in the eyes!
Uh… maybe Mike can explain this one 😛
This shot is just beautiful
Quick shot of Mike’s old bagged ’71 Super Beetle for good measure

If you want to see more of the photographic work by Mike McConnell visit his flickr: flickr.com/mikejoe


  1. Love over due bro! Just like you coming to visit us! >:o

    Just make it back to the estate for my birthday and all is forgiven.

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