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Those of you who are members of the facebook group will recognize this truck as the thumbnail for the group, it’s stance and license plate made it a perfect fit. The last time I saw this ’87 was at Extreme Invasion in 2009 and in that post I said it was probably one of the cleanest Blazers I had ever seen.

At that show I only took three pictures of the truck even though it deserved plenty  more, thankfully Mike Joe from made up for my short comings and snapped a number of awesome photos of this truck from Performance World 2009, check em out.

This truck owned by, Sean Johnston of Keswick Ontario who is part of COMMON GROUND.

I like that the owner kept the body line on the truck instead of shaving it off
Layin rocker like a champ
Shot of the rag up top, rag tops are serious commitment
This interior is just a tad bit better than what came factory in 86
Really it makes sense this truck has one of the cleanest interiors I've seen in a Blazer
The suspension setup is covered by this window which is on actuators, its an awesome way to show off what was done
Last but certainly not least

Hopefully I’ll see this truck at Performance World 2010 .

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