Mr. Two takes to the sky


Rally cross looks like fun, I should figure out a way to get out to one probably the only time I will see an MR2 do this.

Short post is short.

Somewhere out there an Mr 2 nut is crying, and the guy behind the wheel doesn't care.

Back later with more from the Toyota flag.

Photo Credit: Kyle Tomita


  1. Ollie: They were actually a class called Group B.
    You should definitely look into it. So awesome 😀
    They weren’t anywhere near as restricted as they
    are these days and you had your rear wheel drives
    like your Lancia Delta and Stratos, the Renault
    R5 was a big one, the Pugeot 205 they were big
    hitters until Audi rolled out it’s AWD Quattro.
    After that nothing could touch them. They assumed
    that the AWD would slow it down, but they turned
    out to be something like 8 seconds faster the first
    race it was in.

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