Theme Tuesdays: MKIII Supras


I think the MKIII Supra is slept on. Sure the MK4 that came after was a big success, and yes MKIII’s may have had head gasket problems, but I’ll be damned if they can’t look good in the right hands.

The wedge like body shape and pop up headlights are great indicators of the time period the car came from, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Start things off with a bang, this car looks great
This car deserves a better photo
Fairly aggressive pull all around
More MkIII
The Perfect exposure always delivers.
This color reminds me of Smokeys Nagatas MK5
Big wing, clean car
Equips, how I want you so
Damn, this car is clean as hell!
Another very, very, clean car
The classic white on white
Black is beautiful
Super Advans
More Super Advans
Risky Devil
Ass out

Thanks to Aidan for helping out with this one.


  1. I love this Theme Tuesday. Although it does make me miss my mkIII. The 7M motor is amazing and doesnt get enough credit. I so want to build one again but nothing will compare to how clean and rare my old one was :(.

    Glad I can help, and more help available.

  2. Oh man, I miss my mkIII 🙁 I would love to build it again but it will never be as clean or rare as my old one. My all time favourite Supra and the 7M is a motor that is underestimated. If anyone wants to donate an mkIII Supra to me or even to the site to build up, I would love to work on it haha.

  3. Thanks for giving recognition to the forgotten MKIII Supra, overshadowed by the MKIV. There are so many more clean A70s.

    How about doing another Theme Tuesday with extended coverage of the MKIII that will also highlight motor work?

    Thanks again!

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