Theme Tuesdays: Steelies


This one’s all teamwork. Nash suggested it on facebook, I started working on it, and Ollie came through huge with the final touches.

Steel wheels work on a variety of vehicles, are cheap, and fairly strong. I hear they are a bit on the heavy side however.

The cheap, light, strong triangle strikes again.

The more typical fare is from my collection, a lot of the more interesting and lesser seen platforms are from Ollie’s collection.

This might be one of the raddest bugs I have ever seen
I'll take one
One of these too
Street Karnage reppin for the Volvo lovers
Scraped Crusaders scrappin through
I thought monsters only came out at night?
Some of the biggest steals I've seen, I know some BMW guys may not dig
Wagon mafia
So simple, so nice
Another brick
Polish makes everything look a little better
Ollie's collection is sure diverse as hell
I don't post enough MR2s
Sick little Miata
The first time I saw banded steels was on a vw
Just simple
This just oozes style
I think I have some more pics of this, should dig them up as Ollie reminded me
You should know by now Ollie will always sneak a Mini in
Ollie dares anyone to say this is not awesome, I agree.

To be continued….

Thanks again for the help Ollie.


  1. thanks for taking the suggestion man, this is exactly why i love this site. there’s no superiority complex or rampant flaming, just good cars and good people.

  2. The red Volvo with the windshield visor from Street Karnage is dope. I havn’t seen a radio antenna like that before. Wonder if it only picks up slow jams? License plate reads ” real og” more like “triple og”.

  3. diverce hmm been called worse lol
    the simca in that last picture i was looking at some for sale in france the other day and you can pic a good one up for less than €1000 which i think is insane

  4. the steels on the bimmer are sick. looks like veedubs can always get away with steelies. nice diversity in cars.

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