JDM Ev(g)o


Spotted this on JDM Ego, a blog I have been reading for awhile now thanks to it’s combination of nice cars and occasional bmx content (run one of there plate covers too), and found it completely share worthy.

The owner of this car clearly knows what it takes to build a super clean looking, functional car.

I’m not an Evo buff but I know what I like and I like what I see.

No stretch here
Love the diffuser, doesn't look obnoxious
So I did a 'dat ass' post but I think maybe I should do a front end post too

Check out the original post on JDM Ego here

Owner: Michael Braeuner
Photo credit: Jason Kiang (Hit me up with a flickr link if you see this Jason)

Coincidentally I was on some Evo boards the other day reading a very long thread debating a car that I have posted here before.
It was interesting to say the least….


  1. Shame they went out of business thou Aidan!

    The prices for ARC parts is gonna sky rocket, well even higher than they were originally!

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