A bunch of hardworking Canadians: Part 2


Last week the spotlight was on a couple of Canadian drift builds I’ve been following whereas this week I’ve got on a few daily driver and show car builds to share.

Similar to part 1 the builds this week run the gamut of manufactures but two things remain the same, all of them are Canadian, and all of them should look very sick once the dust settles.

John’s Widebody Mazda3

I’ve actually known about the wide body Mazda 3 project John (from Exclusive Wheel and Tire) has been working on for at least 6 months but I was sworn to secrecy (kinda) for most of the winter because he wasn’t quite sure whether or not to show progress or just do a big reveal when it was done.

This build got of to a bit of a shaky start with the original wide body manufacturer shading off (with some of Johns money), but now progress seems to be going quite quick as a local body shop has taken on the task of building him a completely custom wide body from scratch.

Very interested in the end result of this project and whether or not John goes with the color he has been hinting at over gtalk.

John's turbo 3 pre-rebuild
Curious to see how this bumper looks like in the wide body stage
If this isn't a teaser I don't know what is

Jonathan’s 350z

This Jon hails from Quebec and is working on quite the project, pre winter tear down his 350z was already a head turner that was capable of putting down 451hp and 397 foot pounds of torque to the wheels.

While this would have satisfied a lot of people (self included) Jon decided he wanted to lower and wider so he spent most of the cold weather months installing a bag over coil setup.

Jon’s got a few more mod’s to finish up before the season starts in Quebec and he says a full shoot is coming once it’s done so hopefully he sends those through when everything is ready to go.

Jon's car before major renovations
Mock up of how his wheels we be fitting after the re barrel
I think the art of lip meeting fender is known as Tsuraichi
Rear fitment test the specs are 19x12.5 in the rear -6, 19x10 +8 in the front
John's Willwoods and bag over coil setup
John aired out on his spare set of wheels
When not working on his car he collects wheels

Jon is documenting his entire build which you can follow here.

Aidan’s VIP IS300

Aidan’s kept at his VIP build over the winter, carefully choosing a few new additions for his Lexus and his most significant for 2011 is going to be his wheels and tire setup.

He’s decided to dip into very aggressive IS300 territory by switching from 18×8 +21, and 18×9 +25 to 18×8.5 +27 and 18×10 +24.

I got a chance to see his wheels last night after their curbed.ca treatment and they look very good.

Test fitting with wheels slightly less aggressive than his
Healthy pull to get things fitting nice
I know it's not Aidan's style but murdered out doesn't look bad
Front tire fitment, new rubber from his new sponsor gbtires.ca
Rear tire fitment, lots of stretch

Got a build going on you want shown some love? Send it on through and I will see what I can do 😉


  1. Why is it that most car guys stretch the tires out like this. I dont get it. The rubber is to protect the rim or the rim is to protect the rubber?
    Can some 1 let me know?
    That wide body is going to be sick when it is done.

  2. Its the only way to achieve flush fitment. Just imagine if he had a normal fitting tire on the wheel. He would need uber camber or he’ll have to raise the car so the tire wouldn’t hit the fender/quarter when the suspension compressed.
    Lookin’ good dude!

  3. Most? I’d say a select handful.

    Do it because it’s something different, gets the wheels outside of the fenders without breaking the law or rubbing, looks awesome and breaks necks. Does offer anything in terms of performance? No, the way we do it, not at all.

    Is the Mazda3 going to be a glass fender?

  4. I’m in the final stages of researching air suspension for my Cobra, just waiting on my tax return before I pull the trigger. Is that worthy of a mention here on SIE? I’ll most likely be doing a build thread somewhere.

  5. James as others have mentioned often when fitting wide wheels something has to give and now more often than not it’s tire sizing. Fenders can only be rolled/pulled so much and not everyone wants to or is willing to go wide body.

    Now finding the perfect balance between pull, stretch, and poke, that’s the hard part that comes with trial and error.

    Not sure what the flares will be made of but I can ask!

    Oh and Phil I’ll post your car anytime love CCWs 🙂

  6. Dave, I did actually really like the CCWs on my car. Blain and I were both like “Wow, these look sick!” I should have taken a side profile shot so you could see lol

  7. nice one aidan lokkin super sweet cant wait to see pics of your IS sittin pretty n polished
    strech can help performance by acting as part of the suspension like on go karts militry sand railsand old f1 cars (now banned by the fia to limit grip) but in this case it just looks bitchin

  8. Hey Guys,

    Dave told me I should post about the fenders on the Mazda 3. I am not doing the work myself, but a friend of mine who is a body guy is. The wire frame is mocked, then a 2-part foam is used to fill it in. Once the foam sets it gets shaved and shaped. After all that they are glassed and molded to the body 🙂

    Hope that helps! Any other questions, just ask.

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