How did I not know about this?


When it comes to motor swaps I’m not a purist in the slightest. I’ve said time, and time, again if a motor from another manufacturer is cheaper, faster, and more reliable than the one that came with your car and it’s financially feasible to swap in then swap it in.

That being said I had absolutely no idea people put small block Chevy motors in Porsche 911s so when I saw this ’75 Porsche 911 with a Chevy small block in it on Night-Import I did a double take.

Well as much of a double take that’s possible when viewing a car on a laptop.

Well damn, fits well

After doing some searching last night I’ve found out that this swap has been performed by a few people and you can actually buy a kit from Renegade Hybrids (fitting name) to ease the dropping in of Chevy grunt.

I'm not sure how the weight distribution is now but the overall weight remains similar
Front end of the same car via cardomain
Looks pretty sorted

After doing a little poking around I was able to find some specs on this particular hybrid:

  • Steel slant nose and turbo body
  • 400hp Small Block Chevy
  • Electronic port fuel injection by Edelbrock
  • Porsche 930 transaxle & brakes
  • Ron Davis radiator & Meziere 55 GPM remote mount electric water pump
  • 9 and 11 inch Fuchs – 3 Piece (Fuch centers & BBS halves)
  • 345 tires on the rear
  • Fresh suspension and corner balance
  • Weighs 2600 lbs (Porsche 930 had a claimed weight of 2635 lbs)
  • No smog check required in California (1975 and older are exempt)
  • Current California registration
  • Looks like a Porsche, sounds like a healthy muscle car

and for 30,000 US it could be yours!

Photo Credit: Will @ Night-Import and Steve Buchanan.


  1. I’m a little biased on cross-swapped hybrids. I like seeing American and European cars with Japanese power plants, but for some reason, no other hybrid swaps do it for me. This Porsche, for example, doesn’t do it for me.

    • Ya Joe something tells me this isn’t the most practical swap.

      zach, how do you feel about Japanese with German? Might have that this week…

  2. grrr i wrote a comment minuets after this thing went up but it didnt load damn internet! ewww flat nose turbo 😛 the ginger kid in the 911 family, joe your right man (as usual) that things gona make all sorts of proplems with the handleing altho ive seen a viper v10 conversion that has got to be worse

  3. All Porsche 911’s are tail happy. This car is actually slighly lighter than a Porche 930 Turbo, and weight distribution is very similar to the 930. The V8 does result in a higher center of gravity than Porsche’s flat 6. For the most part, it handles like any Porsche with stiffened suspension. The big difference between this car and a regular Porche is the horsepower, torque, and sound. It’s difficult and expensive to get 400 HP from any air cooled Porche engine. This car is amazinly fast and agile, and just about every car enthusiast enjoys it sound. Night-Import, thanks for starting this thread and thank you guys for the comments.

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