WTF Friday: I guess that works?


When I was deciding what to post for Friday I considered the obvious, BBS going bankrupt for a second time, but decided I didn’t really want to open up the can of worms discussion on whether or not it replicas lead to the current financial situation of a company we love so much.

So, I decided to post something I found on There I fixed it instead that is mind boggling that it even works. Maybe next time you get a flat on a road trip you can try this method before getting the spare out of the trunk, then again maybe not.

Gotta give this guy some credit, it’s a very creative solution.

Site Updates

I mentioned it earlier this week but I’ll do it again, the store is updated and now has new products and inventory tracking so go check it out so you can throw a ‘Mr. Plow’ sticker on your lip this winter.

Also in regards to stickers if you ever have any questions regarding your order don’t hesitate to email me.

Flashback Friday

On the subject of sr20’s in places they didn’t originally start in remember the Union Auto Club Sr20 build from last year?

Well it’s been sold so here is a link back to when it was completed. Not sure what Ryan is working on now.

One day I'll make it to a hutches meet

Winter over yet?


  1. Damn, you guys beat me to it 🙂

    Reminded me very much of The Worlds Fastest Indian. One of the best movies ever.

    If its good enough for Burt Munro, its good enough for everyone!

    Loving all the new site updates, any chance of a Mr Plow sticker (red) to bonny Scotland?

  2. Dave, it’s a good movie, a good true story, and it has the amazing Anthony Hopkins in it. It’s a definite must-see even if you’re not a gearhead!

  3. Of course its a true story, the man is a living legend! Set speed records at the age of 70+? Yes please! Haters gonna hate xD

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