Damn Son


I’m pretty sure this Datsun 510 hunted me down and found me because I wasn’t even on a content hunt when I found it. I was just minding my own business, on my laptop, one lazy Sunday afternoon when it leapt of the screen at me.

Even though I wasn’t looking for it I am glad I found it as it’s jumped to upper rankings of my favorite 510s ever built list. SR20 powered, on Works, clean body, and a drive height that looks good and allows it to be driven hard and stay clean? Yeah, I’m a fan.

I have no specs (I know, I know) but like I said this car was posted randomly with no link back and the Fortune Auto site is loading excruciatingly slow for me right now so these pictures will have to do.

Color fits the Blue Bird Name
Nice front mount placement behind the grill there, retains an oem look to the front end
For whatever reason I really like the hint of heat scorching on the bumper...
Enough clearance to avoid contact during high speed maneuvers
And there it is folks
Everything is clean
Including the interior
I really like every part of 510s
I'll end it with this

Photo credit: Fortune Auto


  1. yeah sure if you live in socal or what ever were it only rain once every 4 months then shave the wipers save the weight

  2. I’ve owned a few back in the early 80’s. Nice car, but the fart can spoils the look on the rear. A nice dual-tipped and up-turned exhaust out the centre would finish it off nicely.

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