Crown Deluxe


It’s funny how in most cases, regardless of the manufacturer, older cars look cooler than the newer ones. The Toyota Crown is no exception. Later models don’t look particularly bad but they lack the uniqueness and character of their older first, second, and third generation siblings.

This Crown Deluxe doesn’t have much done to it visually other than a significant drop but it’s styling is reminiscent of some of the I posted not to long ago, and as we’ve seen before sometimes less is more.

This could easily be mistaken for an older American car
Diggin' the rear window shutters


  1. just COOOL if you have to go low rider thats how you do it i could easly put my malibu on the roof and go to the beach(im maroco) in it with out feeling like a twat 10/10 ultra props

  2. I love 2nd gen crowns. They remind me of a combination between a late sixties Ford Falcon mixed with a Chevy Corvair. I especially appreciate these in a wagon guise as well.

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