Theme Tuesdays: Land Yachts


A couple of weeks ago in a WTF Friday I mentioned that I was working on a ‘Land Yacht’ Theme Tuesday and that while doing so I realized my knowledge of older, larger, non muscle American metal was fairly limited.

Well I’ve finished the Theme Tuesday, but unfortunately my knowledge of this genre of older American cars didn’t really get all that much better.

No big deal though as I know that these cars look good regardless of whether or not I know the names….

I love the rawness of this car even unfinished it looks fantastic
Perhaps the best looking Galaxie 500 I have ever seen
I love the contrast of the Candy roof
All you need is low.
Vintage awesome
So many of these cars had such unique front ends
Pepto Pink
Amazing paint work
Damn that's a deep black
Another great vintage photo
Big drop, small wheels, satin paint
More roof candy
A little smoother than the other Yachts
Shark nosed
This reminds me of a very rad School Bus
The front end of the one I posted that Friday
No shine.
More awesome pink

If anyone knows the names of some of these cars and where these photos came from originally feel free to let me know via the comments. I found most of them on various message boards with no original source or shows listed.

This makes me think I should do another ‘Vintage Lowrider Extravaganza‘ Theme Tuesday, but not until after I do a Volvo one 😉


  1. Ok here we go.
    1963 Impala
    Galaxie 500
    1964 Impala
    1963 Caddy
    1966-69 Lincoln Continental
    1962 Pontiac
    1962 Pontiac
    I can’t remember at the moment, I’ve seen it featured a few times though.
    1971 Olds (?)
    1963-65 Buick Riviera
    1968 Impala
    1956 Mercury (?)
    1956 Caddy

  2. go joe! these thing go aginst every thing i was brought up to beleve i like the 62 impala tho vato as fk lol
    i wouldnt mind a 55 cevy nomad eather

  3. 1. 1963 Biscayne or Delray (those were the el cheapo models as indicated by the fact this car is a two dr post, although it could be a stripper Bel Air)
    2. 1966 Ford Galaxy 500 Fastback
    3. 1964 Biscayne or Delray
    4. 1963 Cadillac sedan Deville
    5. 1967 Lincoln Continental coupe (MUCH better looking than the sedan in my opinion)
    6. 1962 Pontiac Catalina or Bonneville, but looks a little short to be a Bonni
    7. See above
    8. 1960 Ford starliner, or galaxy
    9. 1972 Oldsmobile delta 88 or Royale
    10. 1963-65 Buick Riviera (appears to have a early Riviera body and 65 Riviera Grill and clamshell fender headlights)
    11. 1968 chevy caprice
    12. 1957 Lincoln capri
    13. 1956 cadillac coupe deville
    14. 1971 Buick Riviera (The Boattail)
    15. I’m a hater…some 60s Japanese wagon
    16. 1960 Pontiac Catalina or parisienne, or ventura
    17. See # 6
    18. The body says 1961 Oldsmobile all day, but the grill and headlights are wrong. And the roof is wrong as well, supposed to be a wraparound GM “bubbletop” treatment, but someone either cut it off and put a conventional on it, or this is a special market car ie (Canada or some foreign market variant) p.s. Found this very car on google, it IS a 1961 Olds with major custom work to the grill and roof, and rear quarters.

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