Logan’s On Track


Logan has been putting in a ton of work this alongside Shawn from Drift Union. They killed it at a number of events both in Canada and in the states to the point where people are taking note of the guys in purple cars.

Like Pat, I’m a big supporter of Logan because he is Canadian, drifts, and has BMX roots. So while I plugged this on facebook already I am going to do it again. Vote for Logan as ‘Best Street Drift Car 2010′ over on Speedhunters because his cars got stance, it’s unique, and he slides it all the damn time.

Oh and he rocks one of my stickers, word.

One of the most unique Legacy's on the planet.
*insert handles like it's on rails joke here*
Rear corner has shown a little love to obsticles.
Still the best photo of one of my stickers to date


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