Jimmini Jillickers


Evidently one of the most sought after compact 4x4s in North America, The Suzuki Samurai, is known as the Jimny in Japan. I honestly had no idea when it came here it got re branded but I guess it sort of makes sense as most things do.

The last Samuari/Jimny I saw was all decked out for mudding and is a stark contrast from the one I am posting today.

I am sure a lot of 4×4 guys will be unhappy about what has become of this clean Samurai but let’s face it, most of the cars on this site would make 4×4 owners unhappy 😛

I think this is tucking legitimately half the rim
Imagine this with a more aggressive set of wheels?

and if for some reason you don’t get the title reference:

Photo Credit:
Masaru Tanaka


    • Ya, Fox is really fast at removing clips from The Simpsons on youtube, it was the Radio Active Man Jimmini Jillickers scene.

      The same episode with the famous “The Googles they do nothing” line.

  1. thats wicked if eny any one wants a jimany(strange we have the jdm name:/ ) there are bum loads in spain and i mean 1000s there great fun apart from when you go round a corner fast thay fall over or if theres a strong breaze or sonme one leans on it LOL i dont thaink thave wreacked it at thayve done a good job its just EPIC FUN

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