WTF Friday: The Giving Spirit


Well, once again I would like to thank everyone who entered for another successful contest. I was able to draw out a few of you lurkers as well as find new blogs to put into my own personal reader.

The three winners from the December give away are: Brent, Jen, and Ken. Check your in box for an email from myself regarding shipping. If you didn’t win this time don’t worry this won’t be the last time and I are hoping to do bi-monthly and eventually monthly giveaways, now onto the WTF!

High Hoppin Rabbit

I have to admit I am a little conflicted here. Part of me knows this is wrong and that I shouldn’t like it, while another part of me knows it’s wrong and thus wants to drive the living hell out of it.

The drapes over the suspension is a little weird...
Aside from the lack of lights it looks streetable with that low mounted bumper
Any 4x4 guys able to identify what this sits on?

What kind of ships are these

I’ve been working on a ‘Land Yacht’ Theme Tuesday and in the process I’ve realized that my knowledge of large American vehicles is pretty sparse outside of your typical muscle car fare so I decided to give you guys a crack at identifying these.

I am sure this won’t be a challenge for some of you so the first correct responses win a set of url stickers.

This car is beautiful
Parallel parking this would be a bit of a task

Site Updates

The biggest update I have site wise is that in the last 30 days this little blog that could received just shy of 100 thousand page views, using up 400GB of bandwidth in the process, which means it was number 1 with a bullet on my hosting companies radar.

This is booth good and bad, good in the sense that I’ve been able to provide something interesting to read for a ton of car enthusiasts world wide, and bad because now I have to work out a new hosting package deal.

Thankfully my current host (ParaFx) is great and has been kind enough to give me a nice grace period to figure out what the heck I am going to do.

My goal is to have the transfer to a new hosting be as seamless and pain free as possible, and don’t worry this blog isn’t going to die.

Flashback Friday

With the holiday season officially here I am looking to do another round of ‘The 12 Autoblogs of Christmas‘ I am not sure whether or not I am going to do one post again like last year or split them up into 12 parts leading up to December 25th (if I do go this route I should probably start compiling a short list soon).

Anyway here is last years edition if you missed it.

If you are going to find other autoblogs you might as well find them from me 🙂

Time to spend the weekend crunching numbers.


  1. This is almost a complete guess, but something tells me the green one is a 59 or 60 chevy, although why anyone would want to destroy the beautiful fins on those cars would be beyond me…

  2. joe your a freak i say that with toatal jelusy il be honist i have no idea nor care much about led sleds 😛
    dave@ a monster rabbit lol

  3. *desparately awaits land-yacht post*

    These cars are drop-dead gorgeous. And for someone who lives in Scotland, a far, far away dream ;(

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