Some people win


Some people win and some people lose and  the 034Motorsport crew is a camp that likes to win.

After a very successful year in 2009 with a time attack A4, and a decent run in 2006 with another MK4, they decided to put the two in a blender and come out with this mid/rear engine 2.7T Audi powered Mk4 Golf which likes to go out on the track and hunt down more standard game (ie Miatas).

The entire build is documented here, but here is a quick hit of vitals:

  • Fully Built 3.0L Audi 6-cyl turbo engine
  • Porsche 996 turbo rear suspension.
  • Porsche 996 turbo Twist wheels 18×8 Front and 18×11
  • Porsche 996 turbo brakes front and rear, upgraded disc’s up front

And now, because pictures are worth more than words, behold:

Audi V6 motor bolted to a FWD 6 speed trans, in a Porsche subframe.
This, is, awesome.
So beautiful it could bring a tear to a gear heads eye
Amazing fender work to get those Porsche Twists to fit
I've still never been able to catch a flame on film...
Epic doesn't even begin to describe what is happening here.

Check out 034Motorsports cars here quite a few worth a gander.


  1. I saw a video of this car on youtube, they don’t really show any of its capabilities but an amazing car none the less. The audi S4 that this engine comes out of is one of my favorite chassis and favorite sounding engines. I also love the small V6 turbo setup because these engines are so capable 🙂

  2. with a buld this clever saying i dont like the wheels is just petty altho with no airo to speek of (altho i cant see if it has a flat floor or not) high speed corners must be erm interesting now then some one go put a high po NA cayman/boxter mill in a carbon mk1 gti and go and kick ther asses lol

  3. Yikes.
    If you need that kind of hardware to catch up with miatas you need to consider changing the driver…
    Nice build, how’s that carpet holding up next to the turbo?

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