Man On The Moon


You know those cars you see unfinished that make you think ‘damn that should look proper when it’s done’?

Then once they are finished all you have to go on are cellphone photos and word of mouth stating:  ‘man you really have to see it in person‘.

Well this is one of those cars, and while I have still yet to see it in person from what I have heard and the fact it’s a CHOPSHOP car I know I won’t be disappointed when I do.

This build had it’s fair share of setbacks (including getting pulled over first night out) but now that it’s survived its first road test to Western NY and back (for Honda Tech) all of that is water under the bridge.

Humble beginnings
Finished product
Incredible gloss on that fresh paint
Money shot
Widened rear quarters turned out perfect
Specs are 16x7.5 +14 and 16x9 -13
I'm sure we can all agree that this car was worth the two year wait

Simply remarkable. I wonder how many double takes it caused from Ontario to NY?

You can check out the build thread for this car here and keep up with rest of the CHOPSHOP projects at

Photo credit: Skooter Media


  1. Worth the wait? definatly.

    Worth waiting for 2 years till finished product? Thats debatable

    I’d like to see more of the “why”, in terms of “why” did it take two years, and then the “what”, as in “what” has been done in these 2 years to make it like we see it right now.

    other then that, its a very clean car.

    off-topic is there gonna be a readers rides in the future, because i wanna see if my diamond in the rough will make the cut. 🙂

    • The build thread has some of what was gone into this car over the 2 years and ya money is always a factor.

      Also doing it right once > doing it twice in the same amount of time, and Jaz I’ll probably do one sometime in October ya.

  2. The why would because we did all the work our selves. Not one single thing on the car was done by any one else other then those at Chopshop (who all work 40+ hour full time jobs, plus tinker with cars)

  3. On the first picture it is with the facelift headlights and bumper. Why did he go back to the 96-98 look? It definitely has it’s charm but people usually go the other way around.

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