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Traditionally I only post in the WTF Friday category or Fridays, however I will make an exception when Steve Wharton at E11even: 11 is involved and leaves gems like these on my facebook wall on a Thursday night.

These photos of Division R Sam’s previously featured, and recently transformed 350z, were shot a few days ago at a Niagara region airfield which happens to be home to a few lovely planes including a hand polished Lockheed.

The photos are predictably phenomenal and really showcase the work Sam has put into his car this year. Additionally these photos showcase the various types of photo editing techniques Steve is capable of applying to any photo shoot (your next one perhaps? :))

Perfectly composed car and photo.
These photos do this car the justice I have not been able to seeing it at shows
Sam's got a real cohesive look this year with the black and gold
Work should holler at Steve for promotional photos...
I am pretty sure Steve has a black book of photo shoot locations
Simply a great shot
If you ask me this is cover material
This shot really shows off the camber out back of that Z
Shudder to think how long it takes to polish a plane
Not your traditional car shot by any means which makes it my favorite of the set

Photo Credit Steve Wharton / E11even:11 Photography

The full set can be found here on E11even:11 Photography and congratulations Mr. Wharton, you are now your own category.

Oh and don’t worry guys we are working on a follow up to the International Feature.


  1. Thanks everyone! .. and dave, why would you ever think I have a blackbook of locations.. its blue! Thanks as always for such a nice write up! I think all your kind words and photo sharing deserves a free mazda shoot.. 😉 .. possibly a bmx/mazda mash-up?

  2. Steve is the best automotive photographer out there I have worked with him for 2 years now truly passionate for cars and photography.

    You would be silly not to have your car shot now while he is still available.

    Joel Smith

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