WTF Friday: Best space saver ever?


Flats suck. I’ve never get one on a day where I wasn’t going to something important. Another thing that sucks about flats is having to run the super tiny spare (unless you are lucky enough to have full size) until you can get it fixed.

Well to make the slow drive on a spare a little more bearable a cleaver Long Islander has made up a spare of extra BBS RS parts. Now if you get a flat you can roll in style and clear your big brake kit.

I know some of you probably would have rather seen these lips and faces put to better use but you have to admire his creativity.

Much better looking than a boring factory space saver
Tire sizing is 125/90/16
Curious not only to what the wheel in the background is, but where it is going to end up...

The green one is also for sale if you are interested.

Site updates

The biggest news? I am looking into getting an initial run of 25-30 shirts made. I posted this on the facebook page last night but if you could let me know which of the following three color combination you prefer and what sizing you would like to see let me know.

Teal on white
Teal on gray
Teal on black

After the initial run I should be able to switch the shirt colors up no problem it’s just the initial screen cost that keeps me limited to one shirt color so far.

Event wise I will be at the second Stretch and Poke Event of 2011 on Sunday. Doesn’t seem like it was all that long since the last…

Flashback Friday

Is Voice Coil Meltdown happening this year? All this Division R stuff reminded me of it. It’s super close to my house too… Here is last years coverage

Don't think I have seen this car again this year


  1. teal on black, matches my hundreds kicks, my toms and my sperrys! besides i have a black and teal tattoo, it’s basically tailored to my thizz.

  2. Nice novelty spare… Hell its bigger then the standard tires on my dd. lol

    As for the 300, that’s one sleek looking buggy. Always loved the boxy design, reminds me of the old gangster cars from the 50’s for some reason.

  3. dude im digin the gray WANT!
    i dont think that those rims are a shame i think there cool some one needs to do a hub swap on a crinkle bonnet 2cv and fit a set of those

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