Event Coverage: S&P June 19th 2011: Part 1


Stretch and Poke‘s second official meet of the 2011 season was on Sunday and it brought out all of the usual suspects (Scraped Crusaders, StreetClass, Dorimoto and more) as well as some of the people behind the upcoming ImportExpo.

Dave and his ever growing crew are working pretty hard this year to raise the bar in regards to meets in the Toronto area and so far so good as they were able to pull a decent crowd even for Fathers day.

These meets have been a great way for me to meet a lot of the fans of the site for the first time so I spent a lot of time Sunday networking instead of snapping photos of every car that was on hand so sorry in advance if I missed yours.

However I was able to get shots of a few cars without lots of people and other random whatever in the background which is a nice trade off.


I was talking some pics of an Evo when it got really loud turn around and there were those Dorimoto boys.

First time I have seen Jesse's car since last year at CSCS
Liam's car is loud.


While there were a number of Infinit’s on hand when I got home this was the only one I had pictures of, kind of makes sense though because it’s a personal favorite of mine.

I do not see if often but whenever I do it is looking clean
Nice touch with the badging


Talk about your different platforms to work on. When was the last time you saw someone mod a Plymouth Breeze? Personally I love to see people take on the tough platforms.

Curious about the mechanics around this car, might have to recheck the build on Stance Works
I think a lip spoiler instead of a wing would do wonders


Took some snaps of IS300s and a GS that I didn’t see last time.

I love the gold on these wheels, actually hell I just love those wheels. The car is nice as well
People have spotted this car lurking about in down town TO
Due to those super green wheels it's not all that hard to spot
Ballin GS


Mike Branco's clean RX-8, he was snapping photos of the event as well
The owner of this car doesn't know how to act and is going to hit someone soon
I think this was the first time I had seen this particular FD, I like the look it's got
Super nice first gen RX-7
I met the guy who was originally going to by my wheels Sunday, sorry I snaked them 😛


I've liked this exactly look since the end of high school
Edwin (Dougboy) brought his car out this time
Civic on ATS cups
Rolled in with this guy, his car looks great rolling
Adam bought Danio's TEs and they look outstanding on his car
Met the owner of this car, nice guy, sick car
Even with the over fenders he had to do a decent amount of work to get these to fit
Cars been through a number of changes, going to see about getting more info on those...

The second and final batch of photos should be up in no time…


  1. Nice comment on the black RX7 needs to learn some show/meet etiquette and stop making himself look like such an asshole.

    Nice pics Dave, you’re always quick to get them out!

  2. That RX7 owner is always at 403/Dundas. He does drive like a tool, such a high hp car in the hands of the wrong person.

  3. That first-gen RX-7 looks clean and simple, any more pics?

    And that’s a Dodge Stratus, not a Plymouth Breeze. Same shit really.

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